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Default Re: FIFA 14 Discussion

Originally Posted by GOBB
I dont play enough sports games to argue otherwise. Just figured Fifa was the same product just wrapped in different plastic. I have some euro guys on my friends list who try to talk me into buyin it. Always play demo but never buy the game. Just too out of touch with soccer. Could be my first soccer purchase. I've said that before tho.

Is Fifa version of My player better than 2k?

the my player online team up games in Fifa are much better. In 2K no one EVER passes.

You can't go 1 on 11, so by nature you have to have good teamwork in order to win the team up games in Fifa.

You can also join an online club or make your own if you have a lot of friends that play so it's much deeper than 2K in that regard.

If you don't care about any of that and just want to play by yourself then I would say 2K is better because there really is no incentive otherwise to pass and not hog the ball.
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