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Default Re: Has anyone drastically improved their vert in their 20s?

yea, sorry bro. You're lucky to have not been injured at least. I dunno if I can even touch the backboard anymore because my ankle has been shot since I was 16-17.

However, your 20s is when you take your game horizontal and bulk up. Start getting more physical. As good as it felt to jump over someone or block their shots, I get the same joy out of pushing someone bigger than me out the paint, bumping a cutter, or driving into someone.

Obviously, we get old eventually and everything starts breaking down. However, as a teen we're just more spry. 20s is kind of a mixture, then 30-40 is just beastmode. I mean, that's what I imagine. Just started my 30s.

Most bball players hit their prime in their late 20s, so bear that in mind. And beast.

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