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Default Re: Has anyone drastically improved their vert in their 20s?

Originally Posted by tgan3
im 24 now, feel like im losing a step and declining in vert.

Im barely 5'9, but very short wingspan. My standing reach probably 7'2 or 7'3.
Still I used to be able to nick rim. I could easily touch board layup, could even do it with both hands.

Now I can even barely touch the board. My peak vert was probably when I was 18 or 19.

That said never seen anyone drastically improve their vert in their 20s. Ive heard westbrook couldnt dunk until he was 17. (Still that was in his teens). Never heard of anyone not being able to dunk in their 20s and then finally be able to do so later...

Im thinking of combining explosive running and lifting weights with my legs to improve my vert. See how it goes in 3 months time...

Yes, but it depends on the shape you are in and what your goals are. If it is just to feel more explosive, and to be able to touch a reasonable height - sure. You are too short (me, too) for the actual height you touch to really matter. What's more important is that you feel (and are) more explosive so you can still easily play the game.

I am 5'7, but with standing reach probably 7'6 I think. The highest I could ever touch was 10 feet and could just nick it (this was at 18 freshmen in uni).

However, for the first and basically only time in my life, I got seriously injured right after this. I played too long..was too tired..didn't land properly and had the worse ankle sprain of my life. I knew that coming back from that injury I'd be a lot more careful about the way I played. I changed my game to still using explosion, but not recklessly and just using it to create space etc.

Anyways, now I am 27. Last summer when I was 26 I played ball everyday and had been doing a lot of core exercises. I dropped a good amount of weight, and my body was feeling pretty good...and surprisingly I touched rim again on a random day. It was an amazing feeling. I hadn't even been training for it. Just had lost a lot of loose weight (was 135 when 18, got up to 170 over my 20's) and got my basketball legs under me properly again.

Now, this year I'm 27. I've always had lower back problems. Not usually debilitating level of problems, but my lower back is really tight and sore if I play more than a day of hoops in a row. Even working out would make it sore. I recently found out about hip flexor stretches. For me...this has been like getting a new back. It's amazing. I was randomly running around doing parkour today (street jumping on benches etc) because I was feeling more springy than I did even at 15, or 16. I'm not going to get too crazy and test out this feeling until I continue to strengthen core etc. I'm fairly certain though that I might be able to grab rim by the end of this year if I keep up my diet, training, and stretching.

In a few words...if you eat right, work out correctly there is no reason not to regain, or better what you did before. You are still young. 24 to 28 should be when you are strong, fast, athletic, good looking etc. Dedicate yourself to it...better than doing other useless stuff with your time.

If you want...i'll post my daily routine, with suggestions for increasing vert. It kinda depends on whether you already have strong legs (e.g., can squat a lot = slow twitch muscle fibres) or already have good jump technique and explosion (e.g., can jump rope all day and do repeated jumping easy).
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