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Default Re: 2000s and 2010 Lakers Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by ihatetimthomas
Cool compilation. Thanks!

What I loved about the early title runs was the dominance the Lakers had on the league. They struck fear in every team that they faced. Everyone was the underdogs and everyone was trying to catch up to them. I also liked that they filled their roster out with true champions and winners. They picked their role players perfectly. Fox, Horry, Fisher, Harper, Grant, Shaw...just to name a few were all true professionals. They were hard nosed workers who understood their roles. And even with the Kobe Shaq fued, they played excellent together and put together 3 great titles together.

I like the latter 2 because it showed the evolution of Kobe as a player and leader from the earlier title runs. Kobe was a different player with a different mindset. It felt a lot more gratifying to see them win against the Celtics after getting blown away the year before. They went through the fire before they came out on top. Much respect for that.
yea definitely, still amazes me how people say shaq carried kobe to three rings tho
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