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Default Re: Top 5 NCAA basketball teams of all time..

If I'm going to go by teams I can actually remember in detail, my list would be almost identical to ukfan's. I'd probably replace '12 Kentucky with '09 UNC, but that's somewhat the UNC fan in me coming out. '04 UConn, and '08 Kansas are up there, too.

As for all-time teams:

- Whatever UCLA team was Kareem's best

- Whatever UCLA team was Walton's best

- 1996 Kentucky

- 1990 UNLV (1991 team was probably better, though)

- 1992 Duke

- 1982 UNC

- 1970-something Indiana team that went undefeated. Think it was '74 or '75.

- Whatever year it was Ohio State had Havlicek and Jerry Lucas and won it all...sometime in the 60's.

- NC State had a really good national championship team (sometime in the mid-70's) with David Thompson and Tom Burleson.

Hard to narrow it down to just five.
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