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Default Re: Tips for a Girl Baller

Originally Posted by booonkers
i absolutely love reading the stuff here so i figured i might as well ask for your help on how to improve my game.

i'm in my 20s i learned how to play in college already but i was only able to learn the fundamentals last year. when i started playing i just used my speed to steal and layup the ball but now that i'm playing with more experienced players i figured i need to get better. my main strengths are my speed and scrappiness. i'm more defensive minded and i just love going after the loose ball. i'm pretty short so i'm focusing on improving guard-like skills and for a guard i'm already a pretty good rebounder. my main weakness is driving to the hole. so here are some of my questions:

1. How do i make my jump shooting consistent? i'm pretty decent but no 3pt shot yet and i want to be an efficient shooter.
2. How do i improve my ball handling? i can handle the ball pretty decently but i want to get better to the point that nobody can steal the ball from me and i wont commit too many turnovers.
3. how to drive to the basket? i get easily distracted by a defender so sometimes i'm unable to finish my layups.
4. How to never miss a fast break layup? i'm pretty fast but sometimes even just having someone trailing me makes me miss cos i go full speed which makes it harder to control the ball and probably has something to do with getting distracted by a defender even though i know i shouldn't be and also sometimes looking at the rim too late.

thanks guys

date a guy that is better than you at basketball. Go play hoops with him. Improve.
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