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Default Re: Top 5 NCAA basketball teams of all time..

1. 71-72 UCLA. Undefeated (30-0) and had a scoring differential of +30.3 ppg. Outshot their opponents by a .504 to .382 margin. Featured Bill Walton, Keith Wilkes (Jamaal Wilkes), Henry Bibby, and even had Swen Nater on the bench (go ahead and look up his ABA-NBA career.)

2. 67-68 UCLA. 29-1. +26.2 ppg differential. Outshot their opponents by a .500 to .384 margin. Lost to #2 (at the time) Houston in the Astrodome game, 71-69. Beat #1 Houston (at the time) in a rematch in the NCAA semi's, 101-69 (and led by 44 points at one point), then beat Dean Smith's NC team, 78-55 (despite supposedly "sleep-walking" after their rout of the Cougars.) Featured Lew Alcindor (Kareem), and Lucuis Allen.

3. 66-67 UCLA. 30-0. +25.9 ppg differential. Outshot their opponents by a .519 to .392 margin. Featured Alcindor (29.0 ppg, 15.5 rpg, .667 FG%), and Lucius Allen. Started four sophs. Incidently, as freshman, they beat the #1 ranked UCLA varsity (ranked #1 at the time) in a pre-season scrimmage.

4. 68-69 UCLA. 29-1. Lost late season game to USC, 46-44. +20.9 ppg differential. Outshot their opposition by a .514 to .374 margin. Perhaps the most loaded roster in NCAA history. Alcindor, Curtis Rowe, John Vallely, and Sidney Wicks (look up his NBA career...and BTW, he wiped the floor with 7-2 Artis Gilmore in the '70 NCAA Finals.)

5. 72-73 NC ST. 27-0 (ineligible for NCAA tourney.) +21.8 ppg differential. Outshot their opponents by a .520 to .437 margin. Featured David Thom,pson and 7-3 Tommy Burleson.

6. 73-74 NC ST. 30-1. +16.7 ppg differential. Outshot their opps by a .499 to .435 margin. Lost early season game against UCLA, 84-66. Came back to beat them in double OT in the NCAA semis, 80-77. Featured Thompson and Burleson.

Honorable mention... 73-74 UCLA. +19.4 ppg differential. .507 to .414 FG% differential. Had their 88 game winning streak snapped at Notre Dame, 71-70 (and lost after leading 70-59 with three minutes to go.) Came back to rout the #1 Irish a couple of weeks later, 94-75 (and led by 28 points at one time.). Beat the eventual National Champion Wolfpack, 84-66 early in the year (and lost to them in double OT in the semis, after blowing a seven point lead in the first OT.) Probably the greatest frontcourt in NCAA history, featuring Walton, Wilkes, Marques Johnson, Dave Meyers, and Richard Washington.
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