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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by TheReturn
Chasing Mavericks - 7/10. Wasn't amazing, and my rating is probably too high but I enjoyed it. For some reason the ending kind of hit me.

Blue Valentine - 7/10. Strange film, not your typical hollywood love story.

Place Beyond the Pines - 8/10. I saw this at the cinema and my date thought it was awful but I actually really liked it. Ending might be a bit over the top but I liked what it was trying to do.

My friend did a lot of the editing on Blue Valentine, and even more on The Place Beyond the Pines. I'm sure I'm not completely unbiased because of it, but I loved both of those movies. It's weird to me that Derek Cianfrance directed both of those as one is such a stark character study, while Pines is a one after the other linear plot driven story, albeit a really strange plot. I actually really loved Pines, killer act breaks. Was really shocked in the theatre more than once watching that one.
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