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Default Re: Fell awkwardly on side of foot

Originally Posted by Shade8780
I play outdoors and was shooting around today. For the second time in the last two or three months, I fell awkwardly on the side of my foot, kind of on my ankle. It's sore to walk on but not as bad as an ankle sprain. Swelling a small bit as well. I wear my Converse outdoors since I didn't bother wearing basketball shoes. Should I start wearing them outside? I might buy a new pair for games and use my old ones for outdoor. Has this injury happened to a lot of people?

has happened to me before for sure.

here is what I do. When I buy a pair of ball kicks I only wear them indoors. After like a year and a half I usually buy a new pair and then wear my old pair outside. Lather, rinse, repeat. Been doing that for like 10 years. Saves money and you wont have to wear Converses to play ball which are really hard on your feet.

also make sure you ice and compress the injury. also keep it elevated. even if it's a little sore, the soreness can come and go.
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