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Default Re: FIBA asia Championship games

Originally Posted by solar.hands
last part is true,even non filipinos knows whats wrong. i mean we cant even send the best possible team in intl tournaments. we saw last night how terrible our perimeter d is. if marcio lassiter and chris lutz was there it would be a different story, heck even ryan reyes would suffice.

but im still hoping we can make it spain though

Its not the players the problem is the funds for the team to be honest. the countries mentioned above have built a team that will be their team until they all retire every other country is fit that way. you cant just win on talent if you are not USA even the dream team started playing with each other since they were kids so familiarity is there.

so i think its the system and the funds for the players that they need to focus on if they want to win. also they must stick to 1 coach like team USA they always ask coach K to mentor and guide team USA. and other countries as well ..

HERE in P.I. you get to see the coaches that a. either out of the league or b. someone who is great. nothing wrong with that but P.I brand of basketball is not FIBA style some rules are set like it but not fully built like that some other leagues.

so if P.I. really wants to contend we need time and dedication and funds.

Good thing this time gilas is being spear headed by MVP. i hope he sticks with the team.

Also some pro team's dont want to give their best players i know its foolish but that's how it is.

I was wanting to see Chris Ellis. Arwind Santos and J wash into this gilas team.
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