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Default Re: BTE: Biggest Thread Ever!!! LVI

Originally Posted by Al Thornton
killbot why u like doom so much? u were just a little boy when it came out

Plenty of reasons (in no order)

1) You get to shoot and kill
2) Gore that comes with it (although pixelated, it's still gory at that time). Zombies and imp can turn to flesh
3) Traps. Whether it'd be walls lowering, crushing ceilings, or demons teleporting to rip your face off, you got to keep your eyes peeled
4) Monster fights. Although looks kind of awkward, it's funny to me, especially when a weaker monster thinks it can kill a stronger monster. That's not even including new monsters
5) Weapons. Awesome packed arsenal: fists/chainsaw/supershotgun/chaingun/rocket launcher/plasma rifle/BFG9000/unmaker/soul cube . This is not including new weapons
6) Versatility with Custom mods. You get all kinds of cool things. Total conversions, new monsters with interesting behaviors, weapon styles, special effects, gore mods and other interesting projects
7) Doomguy dies and makes a funny sound. Weaker status monsters make funny sounds too
8) Doomguy has unlimited speed without being tired and can hold more than two weapons. Fcking badass.
9) Doom music is awesome
10) Can cheat (with interesting ones) any time pretty easily, especially with ports. I can get straight to what I want if I need a quick fix
11) Features not in original Doom gets added to ports to accessorize Doom further when required
12) When done right, Doom can scare the shit out of you.
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