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Default Re: Pistons Trade For Brandon Jennings

On the whole Darko thing... Joe D didn't make a mistake at the time. He was supposed to be a "can't miss" guy. There were draft boards that had Cleveland taking him #1 over Lebron. We've seen how that team drafts (with Bennet, Thompson, etc) so it's not all that far-fetched. It was a miss in a big draft class. In any other draft it wouldn't have been nearly as big of a deal.

I often do wonder how Melo's career would be different though. We already had Prince who played well and was a fan favorite. Would we have traded him away?? It's tough to say. Also, would Melo's development been far different? What if he didn't have the pressure to be the man right away? Maybe he would trust teammates more and not be the ballstopper he is today. That Pistons team was built on a foundation of defense first, hard work, and playing together. Maybe if Melo was taught that at an earlier age with vets to keep him in check things would be different. With the current Melo I don't see that team winning any more championships though. I also would think Detroit would've needed to give him a max contract meaning we would have needed to break up Hamilton, Billups, and the Wallaces earlier. Plus at the time Joe D didn't believe in paying people over 12 million dollars so maybe Melo would've just walked. There's so many what if's that we'll never know. It worked out well for a nearly a decade for us anyway.
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