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Default Re: Best ball handling coaches/drills/DVDs

Originally Posted by mr beast
do them full court with speed and power

dont spend more than 15 mins on stationary drills and only do them as warm ups, they are pretty useless if u spend hours just standing there doing figure 8s

if you are serious, you should recap what happens in game and determine what your weaknesses are and work on them and also work on things that happens in real game such as how to beat a trap, how to beat pressure defense,

get low, work on a go to move then a counter move and a string of comobos, be creative and have fun
Good advice. I think the very last portion is important - have fun. Hard work is very important but always remember why you're playing the game in the first place. Master your priorities (ex: left handed dribble against pressure) but also be sure to free your mind and allow yourself to go your own way. Practice a Shammgod, create a sick combo, anything to keep it all fresh.
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