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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Boston Celtics Edition

1. i would have rather seen ainge hold onto pierce, and him just retire, but i guess im more sentimental than ainge.

2. id trade rondo. he is a difficult guy to deal with, he helps you win games, and get to mediocrity, but not the playoffs, and stops you getting a better pick in this draft. also, hes 27, so he not young, and hes probably not going to get any better. id trade him for picks, and prospects, and really bottom out.

3. i think so, but for coaches, they really need to get lucky and be put in a situation, where they can succeed. he seems like a really smart guy, so im rooting for him.

4. avery bradley? jeff green is 26, so i wouldnt call him young.

5. definitely false.
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