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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Boston Celtics Edition

PG - Rondo/Lee
SG - Bradley/Brooks/Crawford/Bogans
SF - Green/Wallace
PF - Bass/Sullinger/Humphries
C - Olynyk/Melo

Head Coach: Brad Stevens
General Manager - Danny Ainge

1. TRUE or FALSE: Paul Pierce should have retired a Celtic, instead of being traded for draft picks.
Wouldn't make sense for Pierce, but I miss the team loyalty that players used to have

2. TRUE or FALSE: Rajon Rondo should be traded to help the Celtics future.
It just seems that way because the pieces they got in return for KG/PP isn't good enough for a quicker rebuilding process

3. TRUE or FALSE: Brad Stevens will be a successful coach in the NBA.
Overpaid tho

4. Besides Rajon Rondo, the best young talent on the Boston Celtics is:
Marshon Brooks
Looking for him to come out and put up at least 16ppg

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Boston Celtics will make the playoffs this coming season.
Many East teams got better too, gonna be an uphill battle

*Lee is not a PG
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