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Default My Association --- Melo signed with the Lakers

So I was wondering the other day what would happen if I brought out Shaq from the Magic & say the Knicks drafted him or whatever. I like to create my own drama & live in my fantasy world where everything goes right, FORCE TRADE ON ... C'mon let's face it, there are stupid GM's that would offer ridiculous trade's like Shaq for Caron Butler, Odom, Brian Grant & Chucky Atkins.

Anyway, I finished the 1st season, & I edited Melo and everything, just his animation and his offensive attributes like dunk & offensive awareness. Again, I love to create my own storyline/drama in my own head cuz it's fun as fuck. The last time I did this, it was Shaq & the Nuggets with improvised roster. & that lasted 9 seasons, I usually don't go that far ... But it's fucking Shaquille O'neal!

Anyway, during the Free Agency --- Melo declined my offer, & signed with the Lakers I felt so betrayed I was really looking forward to that duo ... Melo & Shaq (Not really, cuz I still got Amare)

So now, I totally have to move things around & make everyone fit for the team. I think I got Hedo & Brandon Jennings now, it's been 2 days since I've played it ... I was really bummed lol (No I don't wanna reload it)

I tied the Bulls record with the Nuggets in my 6th season? Player Roles On - Team Chemistry On.

1 - Rubio(92)/Hinrich (68)
2 - Reddick(66)/Young(69)
3 - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (85)/Tayshaun Prince (67)
4 - Gallinari/Glen Davis (71)
5 - Shaq(99)/Tyson Chandler(68)

Despite Shaq's rating, look at the other member's rating, nowhere close to 80! Nick Young was my Sixthman.

1st season Knick:
1 - Kidd/Jameer Nelson
2 - Smith/Hardaway Jr.
3 -Melo/Quentin Richardson
4 - Amare/?????
5 - Shaq/Daniel Orton (Protege)

2nd season:
1 - Bradon Jennings/??? Or Jameer Nelson (Jason Kidd retired)
2 - Jr Smith/????
3 - ????
4 - Amare/Hedo
5 - Shaq/Orton

???? is either I forgot or still tryna find a player fit for it. I'm just really trying to make this team stacked as possible. I think I should have Artest as my backup or starting SF.

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