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Default Re: Has anyone drastically improved their vert in their 20s?

Originally Posted by tgan3
I had a full ACL/MCL tear when I was 16. So it could be said that I never fully reached my jumping potential..

I was close to mine or maybe above it. Sounds funny to say "above" but with such things like athleticism, I think you can operate above it, but then you get ****ed. I was going superhard, even taking like supplements and shit, doing a shitload of calf raises, wearing ankle weights.

I remember going to a bball game around that time and I had done so many calf raises that I could barely walk up the stairs at the arena.

I probably should have stretched or taken it more slowly, but I had always had hops. I just wanted to push it to the next level and dunk. I'm like 5'7, so I would have been pretty excited. Alas...

That being said, if you tore you shit especially... I just don't think it'll be the same. I know it's not for me. I don't even walk the same. If I play ball without a brace on now I'll get carried away and my ankle will just collapse under me. But maybe you got surgery and properly healed. I vowed to never get surgery.

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