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Default Re: Kblaze will use this topic to record his random thoughts.

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
How does a person born deaf think?

They wouldnt have an internal voice would they?
I'm deaf. I was born with a serious hearing loss. I grew up in a deaf school until I was transferred to a mainstreamed public school with hearing students in my 7th grade. Now I'm majoring in Civil Engineering Technology in Rochester Institute of Technology (and planning in transferring to Video Game Development major soon).
So, to answer your question, I think in ASL (American Sign Language). I guess deaf people's thinking process is little different from hearing people. When I think, it's like I'm seeing myself signing from either my point of view or third person view and when I'm imagine a hearing person speaking, I imagine him/her actually signing instead of speaking because I can understand him/her that way. Also, we don't always have a sign for every word in ASL. Sometimes when we want to think of a word that we don't have a sign. We fingerspell it. It's like imagining a letter by letter but only in hand shapes. I think in fingerspelling a lot when I'm reading an english sentence.
I'm lucky to be conditioned to think in fingerspelling while reading because there are a lot of deaf people who have problem with reading and writing because they are thinking in signs while reading an english sentence. ASL language don't use articles like "a, an, the" and several more important words in the english language like "is, are, was, are" etc in their sentences. So when they read an english sentence, they are skipping those important english words when they're signing in their minds. So, I think that is why deaf people are typically bad at reading and writing in english. I was one of them until I transferred to a mainstreamed school for better education that taught me to read and write properly. I'm still not great with english language but I'm glad that I'm much better at it than most deaf people. I hope this answered your question well.
EDIT: wanted to add TL; DR for anyone who don't want to read my lengthy post.
TD; DR ... Deaf people think in ASL, fingerspelling, and images. Deaf people also imagine hearing people signing instead of speaking in their mind.
EDIT2: Since this post gets so much attention. A deaf redditor messaged me saying I should add more information about different thought process. I noticed I failed to mention that not all deaf people think in ASL language. My good friend once told me that he don't think in ASL, he thinks in written English. I asked him what do he see in his mind when he's thinking. He said he see something like actual typeface letters. Though he was born and grew up using ASL as his first language, he thinks in written English because he loved to read and write. He was first person to transfer to a mainstreamed public school and urged me to join him. My roommate was born deaf and grew up in a hearing school. He said he once thought in ASL but his interaction with hearing people in his school made him to slowly transform from ASL to muscle memory in his tongue. So he thinks himself talking using muscle memory.
So, please don't assume that every deaf people thinks same as I do. Everyone has different thinking processes.
TL DR2: Not all deaf people thinks in ASL language. Some thinks in written english, some thinks in tongue muscle memory. Don't be confused with thinking that all deaf people thinking solely on ASL language
I'm not sure about the ones who don't know sign language though.
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