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Originally Posted by mugiwara
My greatest easily implemented passing tip is knowing where everyone is. When you've cut and are about to receive the ball or are waiting on a wing, really note where all your players are. If you fire off a good on point pass from within a moment of receiving the ball it does wonders for the offence.

This. It'll also come in handy because you won't have to 'think' about passing, you'll just do it knowing that somebody will be there. I consider myself a bit of a natural passer, and the most effective passes are often the ones I haven't looked for. One of my teammates has gone for a cut and I know that's his game, next thing I know I've picked the gap and he's getting an easy layup. If I didn't know what his game was, I might of missed that chance.

As for the long distance passes, are you throwing one or two handed? Are you passing straight away or letting them really run out in front? As mugiwara said above if you pass straight away you don't have to cover as much distance, just enough to get them on the move ahead. A good strong two handed chest pass will often cover the distance, and won't take as long as a big wind up.

Just practice, practice and try and play with people who can move off the ball . I play on two teams, one has people who don't move, and you kind of have to do everything to get them a good pass. The other team has players who move and cut, and your natural court vision will be far more effective if you have guys like that (especially once you learn their patterns)
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