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Default Re: Tips for a Girl Baller

1 & 2 can be answered simply with practice, practice and more practice. Find a hoop and just work on your fundamentals. If you get your shot motion consistent and natural then you'll become a more reliable shooter. And also respect your limitations. I can't shoot to save my life from the baseline (think it's a depth perception thing) but I'm pretty good from 45 degrees. Work on your weaknesses, but when you play pick yours spots.
With dribbling, make sure you're protecting the ball with your body, that'll help limit turnovers. The more confident you are with your dribbling (again, this'll come through constant practice) the harder it'll be for a defender to shake your handling.

The best suggestion for driving is to get some people to be willing to practice with you. Have them defend one on one fastbreaks so you can get used to finishing around without being distracted. Learning to pick how the defender will play you without becoming distracted isn't an easy skill to pick up, but the more confident you are in your own control, the less thinking you'll be doing when you get to that point.

With the fast break layup, sounds like a similar situation to the driving. You're letting the defender get in your head, and overrunning the situation. Full speed layups can be brutal to hit right. You're probably better off slowing your body down on the pickup and step, one or two strong steps as you go up that'll help you control your body. Unless you've got a really athletic player chasing you down chances are they won't block you from behind. There's a reason it's such a crowd pleaser when guys like Lebron does it, it's a rarity.

Best of luck improving your game
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