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Default Re: This is a life we chose....

Originally Posted by Rameek
How would you rank the NY teams based on how well the organization is run, popularity, success?

Man thats tough to do. I don't pay attention to all of those teams.

If were going all time it would be the Yankees #1. But I say we do this for the last 2 years.

In the last 2 years the Giants are pretty clearly #1. Professional organization that makes all the right moves, stays out of the circus spot light and competes. Also has a championship in that time period.

Second I would have to think is the New York Rangers. Also a proffesional organization, not afraid to make moves, but handles the roster with intellegence. Brings in great players, and has some nice depth. Went to the ECF 2 years ago and were the #1 seed that year too. They won a play off series this year and appear to be restructuring the roster a little abit around their new star Rick Nash.

The Yankees come in 3rd in my opinion. While last regular season went fantastic, they play offs were rough, and this season is an absolute nightmare. Big money signings are not paying off right now, (Sabtahia, A-Rod) but they have had some nice value signings (Kuroda). The Yanks have a clear goal on how they want to move forward but it remains to be seen if their goal will help them compete again next year.

The Knicks front office is a joke. They went out and traded all their depth for a star. Now that star has been totally worth the money, but the way the front office has replaced the depth has been disgusting for me to watch. Not every move they've made has been a mistake, but I don't like the direction they're heading in. The fact that they didn't make it to the ECF this past season was a failure in my eyes.

The Islanders deserve alot of credit. This team is on the upswing and is a goalie away from being able to make even more noise in the play offs. Their young and very talented, and gave the Penguins a run for their money in the first round.

Then I'd probably go Mets. And in last the Jets. No words are needed for them.
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