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Default Re: When the other team plays zone

Originally Posted by Kaspah
That ish drives me craaaaaaazy

Zone is no fun for anyone. Offense slows down to swinging and drive n kick while the defenders stay home playing zone. It's fcking slow and lame.

I cannot stand little fckin homos who come play zone. It's super rare, happens like once a month. First thing I say is, "u know zones for pus$ies, right?".

Street ball is just for fun, why you gotta be a fakkit n play zone? I can respect it in real basketball leagues like alright you're gonna do what you're gonna do. But street ball isn't that serious doe.

zones during pick up games are the easiest to break, if you are having trouble against zone during pick up game then either your team sucks and have 0 ball movement or you are not beating the zone by making the right plays

i agree with your point that playing zone during street ball is pointless but on the account that when you just put a random 5 together and expect them to rotate and shift cover the zone defense, most of the time you are just asking for trouble if you face a legit team
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