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Default Carson Palmer in ARZ...

I'm finally starting to come to the realization that Carson Palmer just isn't the commodity he once was; and to be honest, hasn't been in awhile (a good while). When Palmer was (finally) traded to Oakland, I knew it would be the resurrection of the Carson of old, but come on - we're talking about the Raiders here!

Dude did throw 4,000+ yards last season, accompanied by 22/14, on paper, a decent season, but again, we're talking about the Raiders. So let's see here, at the time of his draft, he was selected by arguably the worst franchise of the previous decade ... fast forward later traded to arguably one of the worst franchises of their previous decade ... and lastly, the Cardinals.

Historically speaking, is there any worse combination of suck-ass teams one player could land throughout their career? Granted, ARZ has had recent success, even a SB run, but let's be real here, they were never a contender, and doubtful they'll be in the future unless major changes are made. Is Carson Palmer just a very unlucky dude?

Surely I'm being biased here, but before CP went down from that dirty play by Kimo Von Oelhoffen, am I being too CP-happy when I say dude was positioned and looked to be a Top 3 to Top 5 ish for MANY seasons to come? Before the emergence of guys like Brees, Eli, Rodgers, etc. - Palmer was a solid # 3 behind both Peyton and Tom Brady ... and at times, demonstrated greatness that put him right up there with those two guys.

From the way it looks, with the likes of Ryan Lindley, Drew Stanton and the rookie Caleb Terbush (?) - can we confidently say Palmer will be their starting QB come Game 1?

Being a Bengals fan, I'm glad we drafted CP with the # 1 pick of his draft class. It's very difficult to say how his career would or could have turned out if let's say he was somehow drafted by a "winning" franchise and never had an early career-threatening injury ... but you could make an argument he had the potential to be one of the greatest QB's of all-time.

Personally, I think he's just had some very bad luck throughout his career.
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