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Default Re: Make or Break for Sam Bradford?

I'm pulling for the guy. I remember when he was first drafted, everyone disliked the guy and automatically labeled him overrated, etc because of the unlike-anything-before contract he was given. I think it added immense pressure on top of already being a # 1 pick, but hey, that just comes with the territory.

At some point, he'll have to either rise or fall. I'm hoping dude can capture his up-and-coming "moment of truth" if you will ... and I think this season is just that. It's time. Time to prove all the haters wrong, or prove them right. I don't see Bradford being just an average QB, who gets the Rams into the playoffs one season, they miss two, then back again winning a Wild-Card, etc...

I see Bradford making STL a real threat in the NFC West (becoming one of the most competitive divisions, if the Cardinals can get their mojo back and the Rams get their shit together). With the exception of Carson Palmer in ARZ, the NFC West has potentially three of the best up-and-coming QBs in all of football, especially if Bradford can finally put it all together.

It's still way too early to call him a bust.

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