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Default Re: Greg Oden agrees to join Miami Heat

While the Heat have won the past two NBA championships with former power forward Chris Bosh starting at center, bolstered last season by the addition of lanky shot-blocker Chris "Birdman" Andersen, Mourning sees Oden presenting another dimension in the middle, at 7 feet, 275 pounds.

"The game is played from the inside out," he said. "The biggest acquisition this summer was Dwight Howard, and when you have a player that caliber that can play the game inside and draw attention to that painted area, that makes all of his teammates better. Roy Hibbert has that ability. Dwight Howard. There's very few guys that have that ability in the league."

Work with Oden will come later, as the former Ohio State standout gets closer to a return to contact sessions. For now, Mourning's work is preparing players who might not get the second chance afforded Oden.

-- South Florida Sun-Sentinel
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