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Default Re: Has anyone tried the Ektio breakaways or any Ektio shoes?

got my pair a couple days ago. so for those of you with doubts or questions about them, a quick little review:

i went .5 size up, and the shoe fits GREAT. in pictures it looks a bit bulky, and even in your hand, the bumpers make the shoe look sort of big, but once you put it on, it honestly fits like a glove. theres no limitation of movement in your ankles besides the fact that the bumpers only allow you to turn it about 20 degrees(its supposedly 50 degrees in order to sprain/roll it) Amazing traction, and the soles/insoles almost feel like a cushion

the design leaves something to be desired. and if i didnt have stephen curry ankles, id still be rocking nikes. but for any of you with chronically weak ankles who HAVE to wear ankle braces for even a light shoot around, these shoes are for you.

the first day i tried them was about 5 days after my most recent ankle sprain, and that ankle was still sort of weak. i put the shoes on, and it felt at full strength. i was jumping off my right foot on drives like nothing. i was honestly thrilled because its been a while since i felt that much strength in an ankle.
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