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Default The Last of Us on Survivor Difficulty is the most difficult game I've ever played

First off, you are given much, much less items to craft weapons/health kits.
Then, they took away the listen mode, which turns this game into a stealth game. If we're playing a stealth game, at least give me the ability to move dead bodies so I don't get discovered/raise suspicions so easily.
I've been killed so many times in almost each chapter that I think I know each section of the game perfectly. I've memorized routes that worked for me & what didn't.
I feel like survivor mode brings out the flaws more vividly. When I played it the first time, it was on normal difficulty. I only noticed a handful of times when Ellie or one of Joel's other companions would be sitting in the open & get completely ignored by the Hunters/Infected.
In survivor setting, Ellie randomly shoots at enemies, even though we haven't been discovered yet, but the enemies still don't notice her.

This game is still GOY worthy & I plan on going through it a 3rd time on survivor plus mode to get the trophy, but I'd be lying if I said this game gets better the more difficult it is.

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