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Default Re: Fantasy Football 2013 Advice

Tenth year of my keeper league. QBs own the scoring and the layout allows you to start 2. My team was ass last year and I haven't had a good QB since Kurt Warner and Michel Vick (of the Falcons....). Help me out here.

Keep 3 of:

Josh Freeman
Kevin Kolb
Jake Locker
Christian Ponder

Reggie Bush
Frank Gore
Mikel Leshoure
Alfred Morris

Danario Alexander
Kenny Britt
Larry Fitzgerald
Jordy Nelson
Hakeem Nicks

Probably Morris and Bush or Gore? Should I just keep all 3 of them? There's two RB plus a flex, so I could technically use all 3. Take a chance on a Fitz or Nicks comeback season? Any of my QBs with upside? Because I'll honestly take the chance, I need a QB worth keeping in a bad way.

Since I 'm here, any rookies worth taking a shot at early? Preferably a QB.
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