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Default Re: Xbox One Unboxing Video

Originally Posted by Jameerthefear
As far as Xbox 360 overheating, that was due to other problems.
The PS3 actuallydoes have mandatory installs last time I heard (i don't own one :P)
No mandatory installs. A few games did when it launched, because the read/write times were pretty close to unbearable if you didn't. But after a patch or two to fix it none were required. But those games were VERY few and far between.

And it overheated because there wasn't proper ventilation. I'm fine with it having a power brick if it's to avoid overheating issues that makes total and complete sense to me. But when one company has avoided it, (and besides 1% of its consoles) and overheating it's looking like a design flaw.

My wii u, has a tiny but acceptable power brick. Which I can understand, it avoids heating, and it also can help make it cheaper to produce. Both are completely logical. It's just baffling that it's still the same size as the old bricks when Sony doesn't have one, and certainly one that's not as thick as the console. It just seems like poor design.
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