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Default Re: Cavs need better outside shooting

Originally Posted by insidehoops
Outside shooting, particularly 3-point shooting, is one of the remaining weaknesses on the Cavs roster. Irving and C.J. Miles are the two most accomplished 3-point shooters on the team, and neither broke 40 percent last season. Waiters believes he can shoot 3-pointers 10 times better than what he did last season. He studied a lot of film this summer and realized how many shots he was taking late in the shot clock.

I was getting a lot of shots with 4 or 5 seconds left on the shot clock, where I had to make something happen, he said. I want to get the ball at a convenient time or the right place, but if Im open Im going to shoot.

thats a weird quote from dion

it almost sounds like he is just worried about his shooting numbers, rather than actually being a better shooter.
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