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Default Re: Pistons Trade For Brandon Jennings

Originally Posted by insidehoops
Joe Dumars wasn't looking to trade Brandon Knight when the Milwaukee Bucks came calling.

He wasn't ready to give up on the eighth overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft despite the fact that Knight struggled during his first two seasons with the Detroit Pistons.

So it wasn't easy to send Knight to the Bucks last week along with Khris Middleston and Slava Kravtsov in exchange for point guard Brandon Jennings.

But at the same time, Dumars couldn't pass up the opportunity to get Jennings, who is two years older and has twice as much NBA experience as Knight. When Bucks general manager John Hammond said Knight was the key to the deal for Milwaukee, Dumars had no choice but to end Knight's days in Detroit.

-- Michigan Live

I don't believe for a second that Joe Dumars didn't give up on Knight yet..... he traded for Calderon and then was rumored to try to trade him for Rondo. I've said it a million times, they wouldn't have traded for Calderon if they had faith in Knight. I think Knight can be a decent player in the league. He has a good outside shot and we've all seen him have some good games. He's not consistent at it though and that's what will always seperate him from the really good PG's. Not every lottery pick ends up an all-star. I see him eventually being more of a 6th man.
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