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Default Re: Bob Marley Appreciation Thread

I've been listening to Bob everyday for 20+ years. His influence on my life has been invaluable. He has not only made me a better person, but has also made me a more aware person. The man is a pure musical genius (both musically and lyrically). He is the only person I would call my hero and idol.

Much love and respect to Bob Marley. Not the king of reggae, the king of music, period!

To anyone else who may be interested in this generation of reggae, you may also want to give these artists a try:

Peter Tosh
Bunny Wailer
Jimmy Cliff
Jacob Miller
Toots and the Maytals
Desmond Dekker
The Heptones
Gregory Issacs
Beres Hammond
Lee Perry
Max Romeo
The Melodonians

Can't think of more right now, but there is also a huge list of one hit wonders who also made some great tunes. Bless
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