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Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
I'm so sick of Albeqerque. Just send him down. I would have rather seen Coke or take a chance running Benoit out there. Or let Smyly go 2 innings.
I hate Coke, I really think he's pretty much done in the closer's role and maybe even the setup role. Anytime he gets a chance to redeem himself he usually manages to **** it up still. I think Benoit needed a day off, so I'm not upset about that. But Smyly should have probably closed the game or at least use Veras.

And yeah I knew I ****ed that up after I hit enter but oh well, 12, 10 what's the difference! Central should be wrapped up at this point. Unless the Tigers drop the remaining games against the Indians. Which doesn't look likely at all.
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