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Default You are the GM- what's the roster?

Everybody can second guess or hate on ideas of others, but do you have thoughts of your own?

Show your plan on what should have happened from draft, trades, and free agency.

Here are the specifics on guidelines. (Will change to what you all think is realistic)
- prigioni could have been signed to min
-mwp could have been signed to min
-all other fa's have to be signed to close to same deals
-trades must be agreed upon for value by majority of posters in this thread

-Elias Harris and Leslie as undrafted fa's

-Bargnani trade was genius
-copeland for Gerald green (ind wanted to give him away)
-chandler&felton for Ryan Anderson and Jason smith (maybe a stretch, but all no needs is a center and a backup pg)

-jr smith deal was a must
-Gary Neal for 3 mil per
-beno min
-mwp min
-Austin daye min
-fesenko min (Kmart if fesenko is stuck in Europe)

Shumpert/beno/Neal/ nedovic
Jr smith/neal/green
Carmelo/mwp/Elias Harris
Bargnani/ Anderson/daye/mwp
Amare/smith/ fesenko

I expect 3 or less original thoughts but hope you all participate. I just cut payroll, got younger, built AROUND carmelo, put amare in position to succed (and regain value) or dont need him if he doesnt show again, and built the next dynasty.
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