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Default Re: 4th Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
okay I promised myself I would do this last year,

Would anyone like to be in a post season fantasy league? I tried to do this last season but after people lose in here they disappear and it is too hard to gather everyone. A playoff fantasy league keeps fantasy action going the entire football season.

since we are new to it I think we should just try $20 a person, winner take all, or perhaps 1st and 2nd place depending on how many want to join.

The way it works is that every playoff round you get to select a team of players, but you can only select them ONE time the entire post season. So for example if you take Aaron Rodgers for the Wild Card round then you will not be able to select him for the Super Bowl should the Packers make it that far. It is not head-to-head, the team with the most points at the end of the Super Bowl is the winner. There is a lot of skill and strategy involved with this style, it's a lot of fun.

If we can get 6 players, half of this league, that would be a winner take all $120 pot. 8 players - $160, etc

I think those of us that are interested should go ahead and throw in the money NOW though because like I said, it is too difficult to get people together for this in here once week 16-17 rolls around. People start to vanish.\

so anyone interested?

I'm down.
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