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Default Re: The Last of Us on Survivor Difficulty is the most difficult game I've ever played

I had every intention of going through this on Survivor to get the platinum trophy. I knew I had two more playthroughs to go, Survivor and Survivor+.

But I had a few more things I wanted to do. Find a few comic books, and other items I hadn't found previously, and finish maxing out my weapons and Joel's abilities.
So I discovered that I could ramp up the difficulty to Survivor and play each level by level on +, and that way I could find my stuff, and get the + game play taken care of, at least a large part of it.
But while playing on +, even with the amped up weapons, some sections were just excruciating. The Train station for one, which I wanted to go back to because I didn't get into that safe the first time through. And then right toward the end, there was a comic book I was looking for that required me to redo the tunnel that leads to the firefly hospital. The end of that segment, where the two bloaters are, along with a bunch of other pain in the ass bastards. It was excruciating. It took me hours to figure out a way through, and even then I spent a ton of molotovs and flamethrower ammo to get through it. And frankly I only did it because I had already gotten that far in it and just wanted to finish the section so I wouldn't have to do it again. But once I finished the level, and the FF soldiers come and take me while I'm giving Elie mouth to mouth, the next chapter starts, and frankly I had no interest in trying to do anymore. I had found everything, and knew the whole story. I think I'm all set. The only thing left I'd like to do is get all the optional conversations. But I don't see it happening.

Still an absolutely incredible game.
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