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Default Re: Raptors Depth Chart

Originally Posted by bluerap
Should be

PG: Lowry/Buycks/Augustin
SG: Derozan/Ross/Fields
SF: Gay/Novak/Daye
PF: Amir/Hansborough/Acy
C: Val/Gray

With Fields and Acy playing minutes at the 3, Novak playing minutes at the 4 and Amir playing minutes at the 5. QRich getting cut.

Minute distribution
Lowry 36 Buyck/Augustin 12 (I expect these two will go back and forth)
Derozan 40 Ross 12
Gay 38 Novak/Fields 6 (depending on whether they need 3's or rebounding)
Amir 36 Hansborough 26
Val 34

Everyone else will be out of the rotation unless there is a specific match-up or an injury.

Total wins 40-42.

Plus +1 -

BR has it nailed and I have only 2 minor observations different than his which may be semantics.

PG: Lowry/Augustin/Buycks
SG: Derozan/Ross
SF: Gay/Novak/Daye/Fields
PF: Amir/Hansborough/Acy
C: Val/Gray

Augustin is the primary backup PG.

Fields still plays the 3 - no minutes at the 2 given his shooting percentage. He is riding bench all season except as a D specialist. Novak could actually play minutes as a "big 2" cause he can stroke the ball and make easy long rangers in transition.

38 wins - for 7th or 8th spot in the East. The majority of the improvement will come down to improvement in D efficiency ( a couple of close wins they could have pulled out last year).
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