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Default Re: The Last of Us on Survivor Difficulty is the most difficult game I've ever played

Well, I actually played it again on survivor + mode and finished it in 12 hrs. Now I need the optional conversations trophy & all the trophies related to finding hidden items, such as FF tags & comic books.

The reason I found the game difficult was because of things like the part of the game where you play as Ellie & have to kill the hordes of Infected entering the building. I kept getting killed there & having to start from the beginning again. At one point, I ran out of bullets, but the game wasn't respawning any more for me, so I spent damn near 15 minutes just running around the room, avoiding contact with the Runners & Clickers. I only had a Molotov in my inventory, which I was trying to save for the bloater that hops down from the ceiling, but I thought, okay, let me use this molotov now. Maybe the game will give me bullets & more craftables after.

I threw the Molotov, killed the last clickers in the room, & then spent another 5+ min running around, trying to avoid the bloater. No items spawned, no ammo, nothing. Shit pissed me off.
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