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Default Re: EC Final Standing ? Anyone willing to make bold predictions ?

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Am I the only one who thinks that Washington is going to be pretty good this year?

A healthy Wall and Beal looked really good to finish up last season. They have a couple solid (but not great) veterans in the frontcourt that can hold things down defensively and give a bit on offense. I wouldn't be surprised to see them even get a 6th seed if everyone can stay reasonably healthy.

I dont think your off the mark at all.

I have them at 9th and thought highly of the nucleus last year. I struggled where to fit them in my ranking and you could very well be right.

They didnt do anything in the offseason so I think people are omitting them because there is no sex appeal. Wall and Beal for a whole season should make a difference. Their Euro shooting forward (janV?) needs to step up.

My current thinking is : Drummond Monroe et al (young) plus pieces added in Detroit > Washington; but there is the danger of inconsistency in Motwon and Washington will likely be "more consistent" if not more talented. Actually the same for Toronto too. Val Gay Derozan and additions > Washington mostly because I envision Toronto being a highly efficient team in D this season.

I could be wrong
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