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Default Re: The Last of Us on Survivor Difficulty is the most difficult game I've ever played

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
All I have left are the two survivor modes. And the + survivor mode I probably got through half of, and frankly the half I'm through is probably the harder half, because I didn't need to redo those opening levels with no combat.

I thought it was way harder than Drake's Fortune.

I disagree, Chapter 13 (without cheating) in Drake's Fortune & Chapter 4 was WAY tougher. I beat TLoU now 7-8 times (3 times on Survivor mode), 3 times on hard and then a couple of times on the easier level. In my last runthrough I had no problem with survivor mode. I developed a pretty decent strategy and am not afraid to just run away from enemies, instead of battling them head-on especially in areas where the supplies are limited.

I think there are no more then 3 bloaters in the entire game? They are HARD as hell, and I'm terrified of them every damn time I see them. They remind me of Jaggernauts from Modern Warfare 2. When the music plays (on multiplayer), I just start shaking every time. They are so hard on higher difficulties, my god.

The game is definitely tough and OVERALL is of course much tougher then Drake's Fortune, but Chapter 4 & 13 in DF to me was tougher then anything in the TLoU. You need a lot of patience and a sound strategy, and you can't be OSD with trying to kill EVERYONE. Trial & error, and you'll find this game a lot easier.

I love the fact that AI is never the same though, unlike Uncharted. So me doing a walkthrough for this game in the future will be tough. I don't see me getting through the entire game without dying once like I did for all 3 Uncharted games. So I guess in that respect it is tougher, but it is also a lot longer and a lot more things can go wrong when you're playing.

I think I climaxed, and am waiting for GTA 5 now. TLoU is definitely an ageless game though, it will forever be in my library and I'll play it all the time in the future just like I still play the Uncharted trilogy.
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