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Default Re: Most pitiful posts in ISH history?

Originally Posted by ace23
this post can't possibly be the most pitiful because this guy has a decent grasp on reality
I know wallowing in self-pity isn't going to change my situation and most of my problems can be fixed if I work hard enough.
that is some grown man shit right there

I nominate this for the most pathetic posts in insidehoops history:

before ray allen:
Originally Posted by TylerOO
I've been a life long LeBron fan. Player that got me into the NBA and grew up as my idol. But after watching this series I can't root for this mental midget anymore. 2011 was a nightmare for me but I put up with it. This is sickening. Its worse because he is no doubt the best player in the league by a mile but he can't get it done. Once the big lights come on, he shrinks. He has the mentality of a retarded baby. Win or lose Im done with this clown.

TLDR: LeBron is a bitch and Im done. And yes I am mad.

after ray allen:

Originally Posted by TylerOO
I'm taking full credit for the Heats win and LeBron sheer dominance. My jinx worked completely. LMAO you idiots don't know who I am? I'm #TeamLeBron for life. I'd let him **** my sister.

Thought I was serious I'm a puppetmaster.

just pathetic
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