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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Boston Celtics Edition

Originally Posted by bagelred

1. TRUE or FALSE: Paul Pierce should have retired a Celtic, instead of being traded for draft picks.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Rajon Rondo should be traded to help the Celtics future.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Brad Stevens will be a successful coach in the NBA.

4. Besides Rajon Rondo, the best young talent on the Boston Celtics is:

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Boston Celtics will make the playoffs this coming season.

1) I'm a business guy, so no. I value loyalty, but in the end, the NBA is a business.

2) Only if it's a good deal. He's still young enough that he has 5+ years of potentially being a top 5-10 PG. No need to trade that away, unless the right deal comes along.

3) True (I hope).

4) Brad Stevens. If I can't say the coach, then either Bradley or Green. I say Green.

5) False.

Only 5-on-5 so far that I provide feedback to you, Bagel. Why no question of the Nets/Celtics trade for Boston? Why only for the Nets? I like the trade equally as much for both teams. Would have been nice to see a question about that with Boston. I LOVE their tank job. Best one I've ever seen. "Contend" for a year or two longer than anyone thought they could with KG and company, then when it's the best draft in a decade... TANK. Loved it.
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