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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Boston Celtics Edition

1. TRUE or FALSE: Paul Pierce should have retired a Celtic, instead of being traded for draft picks.

False. If you don't move Pierce, KG probably retires instead (unless you can get him to the Clippers somehow), and you get nothing for him. Garnett is much better a player nowadays, but they seemed to be very much a package deal.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Rajon Rondo should be traded to help the Celtics future.

True. People have mentioned a Jennings/Monroe for Rondo trade, though I think Monroe is very much overrated nowadays.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Brad Stevens will be a successful coach in the NBA.

True, without doubt. Coaches that embrace analytics are certainly the future of the league.

4. Besides Rajon Rondo, the best young talent on the Boston Celtics is:

Avery Bradley, though I don't know how high his ceiling is. I'm interested in seeing what Green can do over the course of a full season in an offense in which he's featured.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Boston Celtics will make the playoffs this coming season.

False, but it's by design.
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