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Originally Posted by 2swift4u
I've never really worked on my passing. I always found it to be the easiest part of the game (I'm not talking about vision though) And it always baffles me when I see a decent player throwing a really bad pass. I know some guys who turn the ball over by throwing it away all the time. And it's not like they don't have any game at all, but for some unknown reason they seem to have a really hard time to make a precise pass...
You know what I struggled with for a while (and still do to some extent)? Passing up a pass. When I see a guy running the floor and he makes eye contact with me, I sometimes feel like it's my obligation to try to get him the ball, especially if I've taken a couple of shots in a row. I know all the reasons as to why that's the wrong approach yet, it lingers.

Sometimes I think I'm just self-conscious about whether my teammates believe I'm looking to share enough so it's almost as if I'm willing to risk a turnover sometimes as a tradeoff for the goodwill gesture of letting those guys know that I'm trying to hook them up. In similar situations, sometimes I'll feel bad when I realize I've missed a passing lane. I know if I see the opening it's already too late, yet again, I've had to fight myself over the years not to attempt it anyway just to go all-in on continually trying to show everyone I'm trying to get them involved.

Lastly, and briefly, I've also developed a bad habit of passing to players in positions they shouldn't be getting passed to. I have this hope that if I play with them long enough and pass to them in that uncomfortable spot enough times, they'll improve, but I'm not sure that's always the case. Sometimes players just suck at certain things, so I have to tell myself that if they can't finish on the fast break filling a wing, I should probably go away from passing to them on the fast break when they're filling a wing (or, say, spotting up for three when they can't shoot).
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