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Default Re: 2013 College Football Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
There is almost definitely proof. It's just that they won't talk to the NCAA. In fact there are supposedly six brokers claiming to have dealt with him. 4400 autographs with brokers claiming they paid him $7,500 per session. If they don't have the smoking gun yet don't be surprised if the NCAA has it soon. And it's pretty hard to believe he's going to do all this signing for nothing.

You ask me it's a bunch of bs rules that deserve to be broken and frequently are. But that doesn't change the fact that if they come down on athletes as hard as they did Bryant just for lying to an investigator and not actually breaking the rule then letting Manziel play is hypocrisy.
I think it's pretty disgusting that these brokers secretly filmed Maziel during these sessions, likely to use it against him and sell it to ESPN. People who are out to ruin college athletes for stupid shit are pathetic.
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