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Default Re: 2013 College Football Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green

The broker has him on film. If these brokers were willing to talk to the NCAA this would be over. As it stands we don't know what exact proof the NCAA has or what they ate considering doing. Manuel and A&M wouldn't be layering up if they weren't in danger.

going by the report, they don't have a money exchange and there is technically no talk of payment.

I find it more interesting that the NCAA seems to completely take other players like Jadeveon Clowney, Braxton Miller, De’Anthony Thomas, Teddy Bridgewater, and AJ McCarron at their word they weren't paid even though those guys also have a ton of stuff available and almost always by the same dealers.

It's pretty clear to me that either Johnny and all those guys didn't get paid or they all did. There is really no middle ground.

I imagine the NCAA is kind of freaking out b/c they don't want to suspend so many star players from various BCS schools for fear of kicking off a power conference exodus from the NCAA umbrella.

Many conference commissioners have already openly talked about creating a 4th division that the NCAA would not control. It's not going to take much to push them into it.

Hell, they are already getting their asses kicked in the O'Bannon case. I doubt they want a ton of high profile football players to join the lawsuit. Especially when Jay Bilas just crapped all over them for selling jerseys that was blatantly for the very players nobody is supposed to profit off of.
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