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Default Re: 2013 College Football Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Balla_Status

I didn't become an A&M fan until 2004ish so that doesn't burn me too bad. Coaching change fucked us that year from what I've read. The #1 loss that burns me is losing to Texas at the end of 2011. God their team was so shit...and it was at home. If Mike Goodson and Christine Michael were healthy, we would've won but we didn't.

Oklahoma State will win the Big 12 this year. David Ash will continue to suck and OU will have another disappointing year and will bring even more recruits to A&M to play in the big leagues. Kevin Sumlin is the new cool while Stoops and Mack Brown are of the old gang.

You guys have a good thing going, but how bout you win your conference first before crowing too loudly. Damn shame you are one of those people who chant 'SEC! SEC!' I've got lotsa family down south (Miss st and Ole Miss fans) and it cracks me up to see them brag about the other teams in the conference winning championships as if they too won.
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