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Default Re: 2013 College Football Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by kentatm
going by the report, they don't have a money exchange and there is technically no talk of payment.

I find it more interesting that the NCAA seems to completely take other players like Jadeveon Clowney, Braxton Miller, De’Anthony Thomas, Teddy Bridgewater, and AJ McCarron at their word they weren't paid even though those guys also have a ton of stuff available and almost always by the same dealers.
The brokers are claiming to have paid Manziel. Multiple brokers. I'll elaborate on that in a little bit. As for these other stars it wouldn't shock me if they were getting paid at all. I'm sure the NCAA's stupid amateur rules get broken daily.
Originally Posted by Balla_Status
The brokers could still talk and that still wouldn't be proof. Why would they show the video and then not talk? That doesn't make any sense. He didn't get paid.

They have him on film SIGNING. There is nothing against NCAA rules that you can't sign autographs. Where in the video does it show him getting paid?
Six brokers who have all said they paid him for signing sessions wouldn't be proof? Just one big coincidence?

I guess no one was ever convicted of anything before we had video.

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