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Default New Sixers coach Brett Brown discusses the team

"To come in here and see the interest . . . Everybody wants the same thing, that's what I see," Brown said. "I look out here and I see committed Philadelphia fans wanting to see a product that has a chance and that they can be proud of. I'm here to try to help grow it. I hope that everybody understands the level of patience that we're all going to have. Not acceptance, patience. Because when we're not playing hard and we're not executing well, then they will be coached. They should be coached. That's my job. But when you step back and you say we're just undermanned, then we have to be patient and grow it and develop it and free-agent it and let a pingpong ball drop - those types of things. That's the normal path, the evolution that we're just going to have to accept."

-- Philadelphia Daily News
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