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Default Re: EC Final Standing ? Anyone willing to make bold predictions ?

Originally Posted by kmart
Brooklyn will do worse in the regular season than the post season, just do to age.

I like D Rose a lot, but the Bull still aren't as good as the Heat. Even if Wade isn't healthy.

Luis Scola isn't going to change the landscape of the east at all, so forget about Indiana.

Lebron is head and shoulders above every one else in the league and that makes them the best team. Plus they also added Greg Oden, if he stays healthy for 20 minutes I think the rest of the league is in trouble. The Heat lets not forget just came off a season where they won 27 straight.

Disagree Agree Agree...

Dont forget the the Nets 2nd tier talent is Lopez, Blatche, AK47, Plumlee, Jason Terry and "all hustle" Alan Anderson. That line up can play major minutes without a huge drop off from Pierce Garnett Deron. In fact they can contribute a lot of minutes I would suggest to give the vets an easy schedule regular season and still have legs for the playoffs. The big X factor in my mind is Jason Kidd and how (if?) he can plot XOs .

Scolia is not enough. Granger is the real X factor. Is Granger anything close to what he used to be ? Season will tell. I still think of them as 3rd due to mixing Granger / Scolia into line up.

Nuff said about Miami. They simply are.
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